Utility Services

Need directional drilling services? Our commitment is to work with you step by step to successfully complete your next underground utility construction project on schedule, on time and on budget. We offer the following services below, and much more.

Horizontal Directional Drilling

Directional Drilling (Underground Boring) is the perfect solution when projects require the installation of new infrastructure such as telecom cables and power cable conduits.


Trenching is sometimes required when installing underground utilities and can play an important part to any construction project.

Aerial Work & Construction

Aerial Work is also needed in certain utility installation projects. Some projects may require aerial equipment to access cables by using a mobile elevating platform.

Cable Pulling

Cable pulling services are also offered using underground pulling grips. Our team can pull cables and duct through conduit between two areas.

7 Benefits of Directional Drilling and Directional Boring!

  • Faster Installation

    Directional drilling installation is faster as compared to the traditional open-cut techniques.

  • Environmentally Friendly

    HDD is trenchless and subterranean, which allows the surrounding environment to remain unaltered.

  • Minimal Digging

    Directional drilling is very effective and requires minimal digging efforts.

  • Minimum Disturbance

    Complete your next directional drilling project with minimum disturbance to the surrounding nearby areas.

  • Saves Time & Money

    Horizontal drilling saves time and money compared to alternate methods.

  • Fewer Permits

    Fewer permits in some cases since HDD does not require blocking road or traffic.

  • Installation Cost

    Directional boring can help lower the overall installation cost by using a smaller crew.

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